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While exiting xLWebPro, a new screen is shown for taking backups. There are 2 ways of taking backups :- SQL backup which does the file copy on the same machine as the database server, and XML backup which copies the backup files on the local client machine.


In both cases (SQL & XML), Current Year backup should be performed once every day, preferably when you are closing for the day. All Year's backup should be performed once a week.


Reports A/cs-->Final Reports-->Ledger Reports-->History Ledger, you can now view the entire Ledger of any account from the first entry to the last entry, cutting across accounting years. Different year ledgers can be seen together.


Most Airlines are now offering an Advance Purchase Scheme for Block Booking of Flight Seats. xLWebPro has now introduced a Flight Quota Module to give you full control on these Advance Purchase seats. Just imagine if you are to miss out selling 1 seat on a particular flight, which you have already paid for.

Under this module, you can define the Advance Purchase details such as the Airline, Flight Number, Flight Date and Nos. Of Seats that you have blocked. Based on your actual Sales Entry, system will show you the comparison between the Quota and actual seats sold.


PLB Paid Out Report is now available. Reports-->INT. Ticket Reports-->ANalysis Reports-->PLB PaidOut.


In General Defaults, Set #2, Sr. No. 61, you can define the MAXIMUM Write-Off Amount. Only those entries, whose o/s amount is below this Maximum Write-Off, will be displayed for Write-Off.


In Report Designer, you can now give 4 Sectors to filter the data and generate the report.

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